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Acoustic Jam 5 String  • Acoustic Jam 6 string

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Acoustic Jam

AJ Walnut

Acoustic Jam 5

AJ 5 String


Bridge Pin Detail

The Acoustic Jam dulcimer is designed for use in acoustic jam sessions or any playing situation requiring a loud instrument and forceful picking or strumming. This dulcimer is based on the Blue Lion Bass and Baritone body shape, but with less body height, a 26 1/4" scale and guitar-type bridge pin string attachments. These attributes result in an instrument that produces excellent volume and playability and allows a player to easily set up the instrument for maximum effectiveness.

The guitar bridge pin string attachments allow the use of ball end strings which are easily available in any gauge required. We recommend stringing the standard AJ with .012/.012, .014 and .024w for the easiest playabilty in DAD or DAA. If you tune DAA exclusively you may want to string with three .014's and a .024w bass string, or .014/.014, .016, .024w. A good compromise for players who use both tunings extensively would be .013/.013, .014 or .016, and .024w or .026w. The lighter strings give easier playability while heavier stings yield more volume.

The AJ Baritone is strung as a standard baritone dulcimer with .016, .016, .024w and .032w. It is most often tuned A E A or A D A. The AJ baritone differs from our standard baritone in the depth of the body, method of string attachment, and scale length (which is shorter on the AJ version).

The AJ Bass is strung as a standard bass dulcimer with .024w, .028w., .032w., and .052w strings.  It is tuned an octave lower than a standard dulcimer and will tune to the same keys as our standard dulcimer. As with the AJ Baritone it differs from our standard bass in depth of body, method of string attachment and scale length.

The AJ 5 String can be tuned many different ways depending on a player's needs and creativity. It can be ordered in two configurations; either as a baritone or as a bass. The baritone version is strung with .012, .014, .016, .024w and .032w. The bass version is strung with .012, .014, .024w, .032w and .052w. 

  • Common tunings for the AJ 5 baritone are (all from the lowest to highest string):
    • A D A A D; A E A A E, G D G G D and G D G B D
  • Common tunings for the AJ 5 bass are:
    • D A D A D and D G D G D

The AJ 6 String is strung with three doubled strings and tunes to standard dulcimer tunings. This is the loudest of the Acoustic Jams and has enormous presence and volume.  It is ideal for chord style playing and and excellent instrument for performing with multi-instruments. Except for the doubled strings, all the specs are identical to the standard AJ.

The Acoustic Jam is crafted with walnut, cherry, or maple back and sides and a Western red cedar top. A Sitka spruce top is available as an option. A scroll peghead is available for the standard and baritone AJ four strings for an additional charge.

We would be happy to discuss your individual needs and tailor an instrument to best meet those requirements.

Prices & Options

AJ Walnut $775.00

AJ Baritone Walnut $775.00

AJ Bass Walnut  $775.00

AJ5 Five String Walnut $1000.00
Please specify baritone or bass stringing with  AJ5 order

AJ6 Six String Walnut $995.00


Sitka Spruce top..........$100.00

Back & sides wood options:

  • Figured cherry - $125.00
  • Curly maple - $100.00
  • East Indian Rosewood - $300.00

Bone nut and saddle.....$25.00

Heart soundholes...........$40.00

ƒ-heart soundholes..........$150.00

Bookmatched binding, purfling, backstrip; matching tailpiece

  • $250.00 with rosewood body
  • $285.00 with walnut (or custom wood selection) body

Pickup: see Pickup

Scroll peghead: $70.00
(option available only for standard four string AJ, not baritone or bass)

Additional options: see Custom Options

Specifications for AJ
Dimensions for AJ
  • Bookmatched back and sides of walnut, cherry or maple
  • Bookmatched Western red cedar top
  • Flat peghead
  • Satin lacquer finish
  • Honduras mahogany fingerboard, rosewood overlay
  • Mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays
  • Ebony nut and saddle

  • Scale length: 26 1/4"
  • Overall length: 37 3/4"
  • Overall height: 2 3/4"
  • Width at lower bout: 8 1/4"
  • Depth of body: 2 1/8"
  • AJ fingerboard width: 1 1/2"
  • AJ5 fingerboard width: 1 5/8"