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LATEST NEWS - 9/19/22

Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief

Eastern Kentucky was devastated by catastrophic flooding in July.  Among those affected is the Hindman School where they have a strong program supporting traditional Applachian folk arts and music; they are fortunate to have Sarah Morgan as one of their teachers and the dulcimer is one of the featured instruments.

The region is still in great need of help to get the school and the communities in that area restored; there are several places accepting donations to help these people.  Please consider making a donation if you can.





We are starting our next run of dulcimers and have been working on inlays and fretboards as well as selecting sets of the various woods to fulfill the orders.  We're having an unusually warm (as in hot!) summer and even with the fans going the shop gets pretty toasty in the afternoons so we're limited as to when we can do some of the steps, such as gluing.

Thank you all for your patience--we're doing out best!


As this, any new orders added to the waitlist most likely will be scheduled for the second run of 2023.  We really are doing our best to get instruments built as quickly as possible but the waitlist continues to grow!

When it is nearing time to begin the next run we will be contacting our waitlisted customers in the order of the date they contacted us.  If your email address may have changed in the last year please send us an email with the new contact information so we can still get in touch with you.

  • We don't need specifics other than the model and wood choice for the back and sides and if you want binding.  That tells us enough to allocate a slot for your order in a specific run.

  • If we hear of a used Blue Lion available for sale that is similar to what you are looking for we can forward you the details if you are hoping to get an instrument sooner than later.

Rumors notwithstanding, we have neither the desire nor intention of retiring any time soon so rest assured Blue Lion is NOT closing its doors.  We are still building dulcimers and plan to keep on as long as we can; we are just not able to build as many or build them as quickly as we used to.  45 years of building guitars and dulcimers have taken their toll on our joints!

We thank you for your understanding and patience; as soon as we know more we'll post updates on this page.


If you are shopping for a gift we're now happy to offer you the option of a gift certificate. You can fill it in for a dulcimer or any of our accessories, books or cd's or let the lucky recipient decide just how to spend it.

Click here to download a pdf file for a Blue Lion Gift Certificate. [Note: this is a printable certificate and has no monetary value – downloading the file will not incur a charge. You can fill in the amount and details as you like.]

Announcing ...



Hot off the press! Janita's latest tablature book is a collection of 32 songs arranged for three or four string bass dulcimer.  For more information go to the Books & Recordings page.

Maddie's Page

Our good friend Madeline MacNeil passed away in 2020 and we have set up a page on our website to give access to several of her mountain and hammered dulcimer books.  All of the money from Maddie's music sales goes to her favorite charities. 

click here to visit Maddie's Page


Current Weather at Blue Lion


We are now offering online sales for books, recordings and small accessories through PayPal. Please note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to place an order; you can use your VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit card as well.

Instruments are not available for sale online (you must contact us by email or phone to place an order for a dulcimer or guitar).

Information about ordering online is included at the top of the Books & Recordings and the Accessories pages. 

*** CD SALE ***

All CD's are still on sale for $10.00. You can order them online and we'll get them shipped out asap! Click here to start shopping:  Books & Recordings

From Janita...

A good friend suggested I let you all know that I miss teaching and seeing all my friends from the various workshops.  Out here in the rural mountains of California's Central Coast the available internet service is not fast enough to support my participation in the online workshops.  

Keep playing music and stay tuned!!!

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