Custom Soundholes

We are often asked about custom soundholes; below are examples of some of the ones we have done for our customers. Generally speaking, a custom soundhole design will run about $250.00 on up, depending on the complexity of the design and the amount of bracing needed to make the area around the soundhole structurally sound.

If you're thinking about a custom design, keep in mind that the soundhole is "open space"-- it is a silhouette of the image. (For example, you can't have a soundhole of the man in the moon (full face) because there is no way to "suspend" the eyes, nose and mouth within the circle.)

The other major consideration for a soundhole design is how delicate the margins of the pattern will be; very thin sections of vertical grain soundboard are prone to breakage along the grain lines. We often make very small, fine braces to strengthen the more fragile areas of a design.

[please note: several of the designs shown below are not available as they were specific to the customer's unique instrument order. These are designated with an asterisk (*).]

Butterflies 1
Butterflies 2 (all different)
Dolphins ($150)
Art Nouveau Lotus *
Oak Leaves
Dogwood Blossom
Chicken Tracks *
Raindrops & Umbrellas *
Polar Bears *
Carousel *


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